About us

Serving the youth of today


Greenlight youth club is a youth organisation that is shaped by young people. The club is based in the heart of East London’s Bow. It is one of the most deprived areas within London with child poverty rates over 50%; above the national average.


It was founded in 1976 offering a wide range of educational, social and leisure activities. These include Saturday school, film club, dance club, credit union, cafe, activities for senior citizen and promoting entrepreneurship. Regular advice and guidance, and students placements with various colleges are also offered to enable young people to make informed decision about clubs and career opportunities.


Over our decades of work within the community we have a very high success rate from members of Greenlight attaining:

Full Time Employment
Teaching & Social work
Metropitan Police Service (MPS)

Some of those who have entered work in the MPS have become active members on various community engagement groups.

170 + Successful Projects Completed

and still counting!

Greenlight always endeavours to cater for the needs of its members and the local community, providing popular activities which have included.

  • Homework Club
  • Karate
  • First Aid Training
  • Food Hygeine
  • Film Production
  • Music/DJ Workshops
  • Street Dance
  • Street Art/Graffiti
  • Clothes Designing
  • Generic Youth Work with LBTH Youth Services
  • Camping
  • Overseas Trips
  • Keep Fit Classes
  • Boxing
  • Health & Safety Awareness Programs (Drugs, Sexual Health Workshops)